Why You Should Re-Think What’s “Natural”—5 Reasons We Use Whole Food Ingredients


At Rejuven8 we believe you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to nutrition and flavor. Why

can’t you have your cake and eat it too?! Our founders, Chef Shauna and Dr. Jason came

together to create a superfood bite free of added sugars, natural flavorings and anything not

working to benefit you. Here’s where the brainchild of Rejuven8 Superfood Bites was dreamed

up. Both Dr. Jason and Chef Shauna understand what real indulgence is and have designed a

protein snack to reflect the needs of not only the body, but the mind.

At first glance, you’d think the term natural is everything it sounds like but let us break it down

for you a bit with 5 reasons why we use whole food ingredients.

1. Whole foods = Proper Digestion

We use whole food protein sources like hemp, chia and collagen because the body can process

them more effectively for day-to-day life or a killer workout. Protein sources like egg are

allergens and can easily irritate the gut. For instance, we use ingredients like cardamom in our

bites because it’s an anti-inflammatory that’s great for treating digestion issues.

2. Quality is Very Important

Chef Shauna is no stranger to quality when she forms a recipe. She’s fueled some of Chicago’s

elite, including Jonathan Toews and Sophia Bush, so quality, taste, smell and texture is at the

top of her list. We believe in using only ingredients that are whole and clean so that with each

bite you’re getting all the benefits like vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and

3. “All Natural” is Poorly Regulated

Now a days you can slap on the sign “Natural Flavors” and a lot of people come running

thinking it’s great for you. The truth is that Ingredients derived from a fruit always have the

possibility to contain chemicals or additives. To keep ingredients in season or fresh it can be

added to assist or mimic the flavor.

The FDA defines a natural flavor as “a substance extracted, distilled or similarly derived from

plant or animal matter, either as is or has been roasted, heated or fermented, and whose

function is for flavor not nutrition.”

4. Chemicals? No Thanks

When the coined term “All Natural” is added into the mix of an ingredient list the transparency

of the product gets blurred. A company simply isn’t required to flesh out what oils, essences,

juices or other products they’re using to create that flavor. These additives enhance the flavor

but don’t add nutritional value, so you might ask yourself; what’s the point?!

5. Fuel Your Life!

Whether you’re an on-the-go professional trying to do something good for yourself with limited

time or a motivated athlete looking to keep yourself on track, we’re here for you. Every in

between moment in your busy life should be Rejuven8ting!