Your Body and Taste Buds Deserve Better!

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Your Body and Taste buds deserve Better!

Because the market is flooded with one-note, simplistic snack bars and bites with weird protein, sweetener, and amplified fake flavoring aftertastes, we felt we could do way better!  We’re here to Rejuven8 your body AND taste buds.

It began with the need for a Whole30-compliant, bite-size snack that also tasted amazing.  Chef Shauna was tasked by her celebrity clients on NBC’s Chicago PD to come up with a way to stay energized and satiated during their long days on-set, while also feeling like they were indulging a bit.  So she went to work creating a whole foods based, paleo, egg free, nutrient-dense recipe that was high in protein (13g), elevated with superfoods like hemp and chia, packed full of anti-aging collagen, and bursting with Real Food flavor.  Rejuven8 Superfood Bites are like eating a protein bar, a superfood snack, and a collagen supplement all in a tasty bite-sized treat!

Chef Shauna is OBSESSED with the experience of eating.  She places a great deal of importance on the appearance of her food, as well as texture, in addition to complex and satisfying flavors.  As an active, on-the-go, professional woman, she was always looking for something convenient to eat pre/post workout, while traveling, as an on-the-go breakfast, or between meal snack.  Everything she tried off-the-shelf was either pungent with protein or “natural flavor” aftertaste or sweetened with tummy upsetting sugar alcohols or overwhelming stevia flavors.  Why couldn’t there be something that tasted like real food?  Why did we have to taste the protein( Yuk!)?  Thankfully, these problems are a thing of the past.  It’s time to get the nutrition your active body craves with the flavors your taste buds deserve.  Rejuven8 is available in three foodie flavors: Almond Butter Cherry, Mmmocha, and Island Raspberry.  Stop forcing down those dry, overly chewy, fake tasting bars and Rejuven8 your life! 


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