Mr. & Mrs. Wellness

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She’s a fitness-focused chef; he keeps the city’s star athletes in shape and in alignment. Together, Shauna Shaik and Dr. Jason Jared are making Chicago a healthier place. 

Adapted from the Michigan Ave Magazine article BY DAWN REISS 


There’s no shortage of star power when it comes to the celebs and athletes who have relied on chef Shauna Shaik, founder of Rejuven8 Bites and The Fit Foodie Kitchen, and husband Dr. Jason Jared, DC, founder of Old Town sports physical therapy Trifactive Sports Injury + Performance Clinic. Jared trained actress Sophia Bush for her long days of filming on Chicago P.D. and has helped athletes ranging from members of the Cubs and White Sox to various Kona-qualifying Ironman triathletes stay at the top of their game through performance acceleration work. Shaik’s hit list includes a personal chef stint with Bush and other One Chicago stars plus a bevy of Chicago Blackhawks, including captain Jonathan Toews. 

It’s all about empowering people to live better, says this dynamic duo. “I’m like an Italian grandmother—I love feeding people,” says Shaik, who transitioned from a celebrity personal chef to the Chief Flavor Officer of the couple’s indulgent Paleo Snack bites.  “But I want people to be confident that they’re doing something good for their bodies.”  Shaik’s more flavor, more nutrition philosophy—expressed in a paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free packaged snack—offers a highly nutrient dense snack that delivers real, clean flavor that feels indulgent while providing protein, superfoods and collagen all in one snack.  No matter what it has to be convenient, real food, yummy, and do more for your body to keep up with people’s active life styles.  

That philosophy pairs well with Jared’s, who aims to get injured athletes back into shape fast—on average, he says, it takes him just a month to complete his treatment plan based on the ideology that dysfunction develops over time out of compensation and leads to inflammation, pain and decreased performance. “Once we decrease the dysfunction, we can help your body recover from compensation patterns,” Jared says. That’s the direct opposite of the sit-and-wait philosophy much of the traditional medical world uses, which simply avoids irritating the problem instead of removing muscle and connective tissue adhesions to improve one’s range of motion and thus avoid creating new injuries. 

When they aren’t working, the pair—who met online and emailed for three months before meeting— enjoy being “failed” foster parents to two adoptive greyhounds, noshing on share plates at Gather, and visiting craft breweries like Begyle and Half Acre in their North Center neighborhood. And to keep their busy lives connected, they’ve resorted to an unusual method: bathtub dates. “If we have a stressful day, the first thing I’ll say is, ‘Tub date tonight with a glass of bubbly?’” says Shaik, who also balances a fulltime job as a strategic global account executive at a major tech company. “Then we’re able to relax and talk about the day and connect.” “We are definitely not a 9-to-5 couple,” Jared admits. “Our lives are go-go-go from the time we get up. We always have a bunch of projects. It’s fun because we’re always talking about what’s next.”


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